Welcome to Starlit Hive, All About us.

Starlit Hive creates personal home altars and shrines.  We also have a selection of vintage and botanical altar decor to enhance your altar space. We are dedicated to bringing a sacred space into your home, a space that can bring peace and joy to your heart. 

Our altars are designed to be a solo altar or to be an addition to set the stage for your existing altar space.  All of our altars can be used as a dedicated shrine for any purpose of your choosing. Many of our altars are created using repurposed items from the past, giving your altar a history along with making it an original piece of art.

Melissa Amorim, is the creative behind Starlit Hive, a New England native, living in New Hampshire with her husband, two daughters, a dog and two cats. Having an interior design background and the desire to create beautiful surroundings that bring peace and joy, Starlit Hive was born.  Today she is making Dreadfully Beautiful Altars for you to start your sacred personal journey!